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The Basement (don't look in here)

This is a Transformers-blog where I post all my unprofessional fanart. My humour is kinda mean-spirited sometimes and I'm also a shipper.
My drawings are usually SFW.

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Sep 1 '14

anime-dad-ponytail asked:


I’m in a weird mood right now so I’m gonna actually do this for once.

1. I have a Norwegian forest cat named Padisha who is wonderful and buries her claws in my butt when I’m sitting on a chair.

2. I never cut my finger nails, I just wait until they break off, which is usually after about 0,6 inches.

3. I love to take kinky porn concepts and turn them into something really silly and unsexy.

4. My first ship was Xemnas and Saïx from KH2. Yes, I was one of those kids.

5. I was knocked out by a garage door when I was a kid because my friend, who had to close it by hand, closed it too fast and it hit my head.

6. I started making a rough sketch of a KO/BD comic about a year ago that was originally going to be porn and is just about them being awkward at sex. I will never post it here because it’s NSFW as fuck, even though it has some jokes in it that I actually like. I still work on it from time to time and it has 200+ pages now. It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever done for my own amusement. (I have more comics I made for my own fun, like a ShockBlurr thing with 160+ pages and one with Rung and a shit-ton of people).

7. Silent Hill 4 made me cry with fear when the shoes moved.

8. I am scared to death of syringes. I am also scared of thunderstorms, insects, emblems with roaring lions on it (because of a nightmare I had as a kid that messed me up), holes in organic bodies and empty rooms with only one object in it, but those fears aren’t as bad as the syringe one.

9. I called my bully a walrus in school once and our teacher started to laugh.

10. I’m a complete coward.

Sep 1 '14
Everyone has at least one ship where this keeps happening.
Shippers are bitter people who make other shippers bitter as well.

Everyone has at least one ship where this keeps happening.

Shippers are bitter people who make other shippers bitter as well.

Aug 31 '14

Fort Max can’t handle the Rung.

engine-red and I recently found out that we both share the headcanon of Fort Max burying his face in his hands when getting called cute. I actually have two pages filled with robots reacting in different ways, maybe I’ll post them here one day, too.

I ship Rung with pretty much everybody (Skids, Rodimus, Megs, you name it), but Fort Max has to be my favorite for him. Also, the size kink is strong with this one.

Edit: I’m an idiot and don’t even know the eye color of my favorite character. They’re not blue, they’re the same color as the glasses. I apologize, I guess I shouldn’t color things at midnight for weeks.

Aug 30 '14

The crew returned from their little odyssey through dimensions and parallels and everybody was okay and one day, they looked back to this little incident and had a good laugh about it.

It’s gonna happen sooner or later. They’re gonna be fine, don’t worry, guys. Rodimus went on to win for his football team like he always dreamed he would. Percy was disappointed because there was nothing left of his corpse.

I think I am simply physically unable to draw Megatron with dignity and composure.

Looking for references for Rodimus is always pissing me off, that guy has no business being so attractive, damn it.

Fun Fact: This was actually funny in my head.

Aug 29 '14


My iPad screens! It is perfect.
Oh by the way, my iPad is named Bumblebee :3

Art by herzspalter

Ohh that’s so cool! I am so happy you like them so much! >w
Aug 29 '14

Anonymous asked:

I recall you saying once that an issue of MTMTE made you cry for an hour. I'm kinda curious to know which issue and what scene got to you so much, if you don't mind me asking.

While not current, this still contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read MTMTE, don’t read this

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Aug 29 '14

Commission for ax3lracer who asked for Chromedome and Rewind watching a movie together. It was originally only going to be one picture, that’s why the two look so similar. I’m happy I got to draw both!

Thank you again for commissioning me, I haven’t drawn these babies in ages, I really hope you like it!

Aug 28 '14

torithoo hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet:Tag thing (last one for now)
You’re really cool. What does “Huärä Nüss” mean?

It literally means “Whore nuts” and I say it when I get frustrated.

"Huärä" means whore, but it’s also basically the Swiss equivalent of "fucking" as in "I’m so fucking tired". We’d say "ich bin so huärä müed", which basically translates to "I’m tired like a whore" or "I’m whore tired". It makes no sense, really.

"Nüss" isn’t really used for this, though, this might just be me. I use it instead of "damn it". I don’t really know why.

Put it together, and you get Huärä Nüss.

Aug 28 '14

Tag thing (last one for now)

Okay, one more, but the last one for a while, and only because torithoo is really cool. I’m not tagging anybody because I’m tired.

Name: Meet me in person and find out!
Nickname: Don’t have one, call me Herzspalter or Herz for here.
D.O.B.: March 15
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: I have no clue, dude. Is Airachnid an orientation? I’m gonna say Airachnid.
Height: 173 cm
Time Zone: UTC+02:00
Current Time: 9:43  PM
Average Sleep Hours: 5-8 h
Last Input to Google: Küchlin Basel
Most Used Phrase: Huärä Nüss!
Best Descriptive Word For Me Right Now: nervous
Last Thing Said to a Family Member: It was funny!
One Place I’m Happy Being At: A room with people who like the same things as me.
How Many Pillows Are On My Bed: 1
Favorite Beverage: Coca Cola
Last Movie Seen in Theaters: Guardians of the Galaxy
Three things I can’t live without: drawing material, living creatures I care about, a nice house
Something I Plan On Learning: building cosplay armor
Advice to Followers: You deserve to be happy and you deserve to be respected for who you are - as long as you’re not hurting anybody with it.
A Song I’d Like You All To Hear: Rosenrot - Rammstein

Aug 28 '14

Anonymous asked:

someone accidentally showed me an image from the new mtmte comic. it was like a split second but im still in shock. I dont know if I can keep reading. I dont want this heart break. Why am I in this fandom. oh god why

You should definitely keep reading, it’s a very good issue in my opinion and MTMTE is always worth the heart break. Also, and this may be (SPOILERY) : I think you’re gonna be fine. The whole thing is still one giant confusion and there’s still hope for everyone, I think. Even in MTMTE. Where the robots are sad and the blood spills like a waterfall after the rain.

Aug 28 '14

Anonymous asked:

If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or someone you feel who needs some cheering up. If you get some back, even better!

Aww, thank you, I am glad I’m makin’ ya happy, Lovely Anon!

Aug 28 '14

Laughing about your enemy receiving severe physical abuse. Our heroes! ‘Til all are one!

And yes, it was severe, Starscream did not show up in the next episode. I am not joking.

From the G1 Transformers Season 1 Episode “Countdown to Extinction”.

I mean yeah, Starscream’s an asshole, but Prime’s sadism still baffles me.

Aug 27 '14

I think I’m gonna read the Red Wedding-part of Game of Thrones again. You know. To cheer myself up.

Aug 27 '14

Anonymous asked:

So like, tTFA season 3 episode 12, when everyone volunteer's Bumblebot to go and spy on the deceptions and they are akk staring at him and he's like WHY IS EVERYONE ALWAYS STARING AT ME, WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS DOING THAT. and I just thought of everyone getting all hot and bothered when they look at bumblebee but no one will say it. ahahaa

pff what? This is especially amusing to me if you imagine that this is the only time anyone’s ever found him hot. Like, they usually look at him without any interest, but in that exact moment, they all decide that he’s a hottie. Only in that moment, not before or after. Only when looking for volunteers do they find him hot, without any reason what so ever.

Aug 27 '14

so i read MTMTE #32…

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